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The work aims to tell you the submission format for the Proceedings. All submissions must be submitted on-line via the conference management system. Hard copies will not be accepted. The abstracts and full papers have to be MSWord files. Detailed information can be found on the official conference web site. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email. We look forward to your participation.

Full paper should be submitted via the conference online system. Please note only MS Word file .doc(x) is accepted.

  Guide for full paper.doc
  1. Introduction
    There are two points described in the following subsections.
    1.1 Title
    Type the title in bold type, single-spaced, and centered across the top of the first page, in 14 point Times New Roman, as illustrated above.
    1.2 Authors
    The author(s), affiliation(s), mailing address(es), and e-mail address(es) should be single spaced and centered on the line below the title, in 12 point Times New Roman, as illustrated above. One line space should be used to separate author(s) from the paper title. Please do not use titles such as Dr., Professor, etc.
  2. Headings
    Headings should be in bold type, in 12 point Times New Roman. First-level headings should be centered, as illustrated above. Second-level headings should be flush left with initial caps. Do not use headings other than these two types. At least one line space should separate headings from the preceding text.
  3. Abstract and Body
    3.1 Abstract
    Beginning with the centered heading ABSTRACT, an abstract of approximately 100-200 words is used to introduce and summarize the research, in 12 point Times New Roman.
    3.2 Main text, tables and figures
    All body paragraphs should begin flush left (no paragraph indent) and right justified, single-space the body of the paper, and use 12 point Times New Roman throughout. Figures and tables should be placed as close as possible to where they are cited. All tables and figures should be embedded into the file and sized appropriately. All photographs should be sampled at 300 dpi (dots per inch). Keep in mind that web graphics are typically sampled at 72 dpi. Photographs must be properly sized and positioned in the body of the paper.
    3.3 Page Size
    The paper size should be A4 (i.e. 21.0 centimeters [8.27 inches] by 29.69 centimeters [11.69 inches]) and the margins should be set to Word's default: top and bottom 2.54 centimeters (1.00 inches), right and left 3.17 centimeters (1.25 inches). Papers that deviate from these instructions may not be published.
  4. Conclusion
    In this section, two subsections are included.
    4.1 Length Requirements
    Papers submitted to the Proceedings of HCRD 2016 should not exceed 10 pages. There will be a charge of US $50.00 for all additional pages. For author who chooses to submit abstract only rather than full paper, one page is allowed.

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