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The registration fee includes  
For Authors For Listeners/ Co-presented
1. Paper presentation 1. Proceedings (in USB drive)
2. Proceedings (in USB drive) 2. Attendance to all sessions
3. Attendance to all sessions 3. Conference program
4. Conference program 4. Name tag
5. Name tag 5. Certificate of attendance/ Co-presented
6. Certificate of presentation 6. Small handbag
7. Small handbag 7. Lunches and coffee breaks
8. Lunches and coffee breaks  

Registration Guide
  Potential authors and listeners who are interested in this conference should pay attention to the following information.

Step 1. Choose a topic
    Potential authors and listeners who are interested in this conference should pay attention to the following information.

Step 2. Register as a member
    Both authors and audience should register as a member first, so that one may submit your abstract/paper or sign up as an audience.

Step 3. Submit your papers/abstracts
    Authors would have to ensure that your paper has been submitted on our website before.
    Paper submission via E-mail: feduacj@ku.ac.th

Step 4. Receive the acceptance or rejection letter
    Authors will receive their acceptance letterson .

Step 5. Pay for registration fee in the case of acceptance
    Authors who will present their brainchild at the conference, will have to pay;
Standard Conference Rate Thai (Bath) Foreigner (USD)
Author (presentation) 2,400 100



2,000 80
Student (presentation) 1,500 60

Observer / listeners

(with no presentation)

1,000 60
    Remark : This price is not Including the Accommodations Fare

Payments can be made either throughyour local bank. So long as your payment is successful, we will sent you the invitation letter for VISA or other administrative purposes.


Step 6. Participate in the conference
    There are two forms of presentation, oral and poster.
The length of the oral presentation is approximately 15 minutes.

  1. There are two methods of payment available: credit card or bank transfer. Details will be given with the invitation letter.
  2. The calculation of registration fee is according to the piece of manuscript submitted by an author. For instance, if you only submit one paper, the registration fee for you is 100*1=100 USD (Foreigner Author), 2,400*1=2,400 BTH (Thai Author) . However, if you submit three papers, the registration fee becomes 100*3=300 USD (Foreigner Author), etc.
  3. If the manuscript is a production of more than one author, and all authors intend to attend the conference, they will have to pay the registration fee separately.
  4. Only authors with full payments will be given the conference materials (program booklet, proceedings, certificate of attendance). No certificate of attendance can be issued to Coauthors who do not complete the registration payment.

Method of payment

Payment should be made to



 The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited: SCB


 Kamphaeng Saen (Kasetsart University)
    Account name:  Department of Human and Community Resource Development

Account no. :


Type :

 Saving account

Date :

 30 April, 2016
  Please send a pay-in and the application to Department of Human and Community

Resource Development by:


Fax :

 (662) 034-281081
    E-mail:  feduacj@ku.ac.th

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REGISTRATION and PAYMENT inquiry: if any, please do not hesitate to email Asst. Prof. Apichart Jai-aree, Ph.D. viaaccount >> feduacj@ku.ac.th

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